World Condom Day

As the world commemorates the World Condom Day, it comes with its own conflicting feelings and ideas towards the subject, especially coming from a faith-based point of view.

For one thing, to the core of the Christian values, abstinence is the rule of law. Unless a couple is married (and there is need for one to use protection from his/her partner who is infected with an STI/D), then no discussion can be entertained concerning the use of contraceptives for premarital sexual activity. Those who fear God in the Christian context, understand the conditions that come with being a member of the Christian faith. Sexual behavior outside of marriage can fall in the category of fornication or adultery, depending on the actors, thus the use of contraceptives amongst young people (especially), is not condoned. 

However, in the times we’re living in, so many diseases have overtaken the human race. STDs and HIV/AIDS have become part and parcel of our lives, directly or indirectly. It is important to keep raising awareness as it affects our lives one way or the other so as to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases and/or infections. 

In the same vein, not everyone adheres to the Christian faith therefore contraceptives should be used to protect oneself against incurable diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Not enough information has been disseminated regarding sexual and reproductive health due to our African culture regarding the conversation as taboo, while religion sees it as an abomination, if spoken about without the prospect of marriage somewhere in the near future. However, many young people are engaging in sexual activities, motivated by various factors, from a very tender age and it is of paramount importance to stress the need for young people to be responsible in their intimate relations and have access to information around sexual and reproductive health. 

Take charge and protect thee body, the word of God says ,“your body is the temple of God”.