Business, Leadership and Economic Youth Empowerment Summit


Don’t let Anyone Look down upon you because you are young 1 Timothy 4:1


                                                                Photo by Ruramai E Mutimusakwa®

The phrase youths are the leaders of tomorrow constantly loses value on a day to day basis. However, over 500 youths realized that it is time to start acting on tomorrow instead of stating what tomorrow should be like.

From Friday the 4th of October 2019 to Saturday the 5th over 500 youths attended the BUSINESS, LEADERSHIP and ECONOMIC YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT held in Kentucky Airport Hotel in Hatfield Harare to identify and address issues that affected them. The main objective of the summit was to provide a safe space for students be given professional advice and get a chance to debate and discuss issues that affect them on a day to day basis.

The Summit was organized by Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe in collaboration with other youth and ecumenical organisations namely Youth Empowerment transformation Trust, Zimbabwe Youth Council, International Christian Youth Works, Zimbabwe Council of Churches under the banner of IMPACT


This proved to be a safe space for youths as they managed to point out their challenges, concerns and deliberate on matters such as the Youth Policy.


 Photo by Ruramai E Mutimusakwa®


Moreover, several guest speakers drawn from various sectors such as the business and commerce where invited to assist the youths and they made mention that youths need to understand that change does take time but it is important for the youths to keep fighting.

Guests speakers present were Dr Park Sung Soo (Korea), Arthur Marara (ZIM), David and Linda Isgrove (UK), Dr Joe Bonga (Kenya) and Rev Dr K Mtata (ZIM).

Rev Dr K Mtata pointed out that the life of a youth should be comparable to that of Jesus.

“Jesus lived his most ripe years as an active youth in and around his community,” said Dr Mtata.

The summit went on to discuss issues based on   topics such as youth participation in policy making and engagement, leadership and good governance, health and sexuality and youth and entrepreneurship.

This summit comes at a time when the government along side relevant partners have began the process of reviewing the current National Youth Policy of 2012 to align it with the 2013 Constitution and make it relevant to the issues and concerns that young people are currently confronting.


Guest speakers challenged the youths to take time and think, If not the youth then who?