We are young but where are we going?

A call for self introspection!!

For it is Written, “The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentile because of you.”  Romans 2:24

As life challenges pile up, societies and communities have since stopped looking out for one another instead its now, “each man for himself,” approach.

Nations, great or small which were built under Christian fundamentals no longer seek God first amid life crisis, instead they have since started seeking God after crisis.

What is troubling is the rate at which young people are slowly drifting away from the biblical principles that once guided us, for example praising and praying.

As young people and as leaders, where has empathy, patience and compromise gone to, is it because it doesn’t matter any more or we simply don’t care.

The youth nowadays, need to be more compassionate, to feel for the next person. If we don’t, we risk being the fighters of tomorrow instead of leaders

As youths it is time to stop, sit and think for a while, is there a higher power or its just what it is. We as the future bearers need to start sacrificing the urgent and save that which it important in order to safeguard the future.


If older generations pride themselves for not having rich parents but still getting love not worldly materials, for being a unique and, the most understanding generation.

Question is what do we pride ourselves with?