Democracy, Human Rights Education and Peace Building

We encourage youth to play a significant part in the search for new principles that will bring about stability in their tertiary institutions and world political order. In forging the future, youth will have to create sustained dialogue with adults, institutional authorities. In this regard this programme on democracy, human rights education and peace building was adopted to reflect on the issues and opportunities that bear on youth's civic engagement and development in Zimbabwe. This programme challenges young people to be well equipped with conceptions of citizenship and citizenship education. SCMZ believes that citizenship education should be reformed so that it reflects the home cultures and languages of students from diverse groups and that group rights can help individuals to attain structural equality.

Main areas of concern under this programme are as follows:

  • Students and young people in most cases have an understanding of fundamental democratic values and institutions but this understanding is often superficial hence the need to increase awareness on democracy, human rights and peace building issues. 
  • The need to create an open climate for discussing issues of democracy and human rights that affect young people and students. The need to promote civic knowledge and engagement among students.