Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS awareness

This programme intends to build awareness, offer counselling and services related to sexuality and reproduction among students and youths. Over the years, adolescent sexual and reproductive health concerns have increasingly been on national agendas. For many countries, this concern has been driven by the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among young people. As a result of this there has been a rising interest in identifying factors that not only influence to harm but also diminish risks related to reproductive health awareness. For instance having sex with one partner, using condoms and contraception. In light of this SCMZ works with students and young people from various tertiary institutions based in  Zimbabwe in increasing awareness on Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS related issues.

SCMZ believes that abstinence from sexual intercourse is an important behavioural strategy for preventing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and unwanted teenage pregnancies thus it focuses on this programme to help students and young people in promoting good healthy standards.